How Dogs Wiggle Their Way Into People's Hearts

Aug 07 , 2017


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How Dogs Wiggle Their Way Into People's Hearts

Ever tried to explain to someone who doesn't own a dog how a four-legged friend is a huge part of daily life? They can’t seem to understand how these creatures hold such special places in families. How is it that dogs seem to wiggle their way into people's hearts? Here's some ways that a family's favorite companions provide so much happiness:

1. Dogs Are Hilarious
Dogs have a unique personality all their own and can be silly, sassy or downright mischievous, all within the same day.Taking a dog for a walk can evolve from being frustrated that they've sat down in the middle of the sidewalk and refuse
to move to laughing at their stubbornness. Having fun with a dog's personality (and all of its quirks!) is one reason why dogs rule!

2. Dogs Make People Feel Special
No matter how crummy a day was at school or work, when owners walk through the front door, dogs are ecstatic to see their favorite person. Dogs wait patiently all day for their people, even though their human friends see many faces during the day. The tail-wagging, face-liking, puppy-pouncing behavior dogs show every time their family walks in the door makes them feel like very special people!

3. They Relieve Stress
Between school, exams, sports, extracurricular activities, keeping an Instagram account current, and making time for friends and family, life can be very stressful. Spending time with a dog is a natural stress reliever, because dogs give people permission to be silly! Ever change the lyrics of songs ("All the single doggies! All the single doggies!") just for
giggles or boop a dog's nose? Perfect examples of letting loose and having fun with a furry friend. Even petting a dog as been shown to decrease the amount of the stress hormone cortisol. Spending time with dogs is a great way to get away from life's everyday pressures.

4. They Love Their Families Unconditionally
Dogs don't care when their owners have bad hair days, zits or stained shirts. Dogs love unconditionally because they know that their families are here to care for them. When feeding, walking, petting or playing with dogs, owners are showing the same unconditional love that dogs reciprocate every day. In a dog's eyes, their owners really can't do any
wrong -- even if they're a little sad that they're not getting table scraps that night.
Whether they're chilling on the couch, going for a hike or playing catch, dogs help people "find their happy" every day!



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