meet river

River Happy was born at the end of a dock one sunny afternoon. I sat and watched my dog, River, launch himself into the water over and over with his ears back, tail wagging and tongue flying. With each splash, he turned and swam back so he could jump again, so excited to continue his celebration. His enthusiasm was inspiring; the simplicity was magic. That day on the dock I was reminded of what my mother always said- dogs have so many lessons to teach.


At River Happy, we believe the most important lesson in life is to learn how to live it. We work hard, but we also want to play, go places, and do things. We do our best to make high quality products that highlight our passion points and honor our interests. We are thankful for the things that make us smile, and we are loyal to those who bring us joy. River Happy is not just a brand, but a state of mind.
Whether it's a simple pleasure or a big splash…find your happy.